September 17th, 2020

screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

Bad air quality, homeless encampments, blood lust cops... Remind me why my folks traveled north?

ink on paper

shooting on the fly

I have neglected my blog. Why?  Because whatever visits lj's statistical analysis engine shows as hits must be from lurkers as I rarely ever see new ppl commenting on this blog. But wait! why should it matter anyway?  I don't like ppl.  I don't like socializing.  Well, what I don't like about socializing is when the conversation strays from my intended topic. 

If socializing were one sided, and ppl on this blog commented about things I like to hear, I wouldn't be so anti-$ocial. I'm not, really. Just a bit introverted.  For example, if a sexy blogger was to try to start a conversation here; somebody like Elizabeth Pich of War and Peas fame, and she started her conversation by drawing each letter off the words she wants to say on my back with her index finger, I would be receptive to that. I love it when sexy women trace letters on my back because it tickles.

Depression has me couch potatoeing my life away. I've seen everything worth sitting thru on netflix, Amazon Prime, hulu, vudu, Google movies, fandango, etc.

When I return home from work, I'm exhausted and collapse onto my bed napping for several hours.

I watch tv from 8pm to midnight and, half the time, I fall asleep in front of the TV waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning. The TV even turns itself off.

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