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Sat, Oct. 25th, 2008 | 02:40 pm  ‏‏␦ predatory slavezombie

Zine (pronounced like sign)

I'm gonna try something different. It'll still be nerdy/geeky (i don't know what to make of myself), but it might prove to be productive. One thing is certain, when I pronounce the word zine (like seen), and am corrected by the zine community, I feel so uneducated. So, to get back at the corrupt nature of the English language for making me feel like a fool all the time, I'm taking a poll (in the form of a cookie for unsuspecting web surfers). It all innocently involves hitometers.

Here's the plan: I'm constantly finding new and interesting zines being published for $1+ or trade. However, because I rarely buy on-line, or mail order, and because my e-zine is available digitally, I find that a lot of zinesters don't allow trading for publications in .pdf format. In other words, I'm expected to print my zine and send it off via snail mail before I can qualify for a copy of their zine. How crude is that?

So, I developed a way to incorporate a counter on my frei zine schein, forgive my German grammar, to see just how many peeps out there I encounter. I don't expect anything in return and including the link for my current zine Pilcrow News No.9 would probably render this experiment useless here as I don't intend to include a return address where trade-in zines can be mailed. It isn't fool proof, but I'm bored and thought I would be creative in a Pointdexter sorta way.

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from: mydressisonfire
date: Sun, Oct. 26, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)

hey, I saw your posting on the lj zine community
I legitimately want to trade an issue of my zine for your zine
even if I can read it in e-zine format

but personally (and not to sound like a snob) I like getting something tangible I can read. I like waiting for a package in the mail, anxiously anticipating my zine order. I like holding a copy of something that someone out there made with their own two hands.

so I don't really understand your whole experiment thing

and the reason the word "zine" is pronounced like "seen" instead of "sign" is because it's actually 'zine like from the word magazine

I'm pretty sure you knew that, but you didn't specify anything in your post so I thought I would just add that.

I'm confused to the point of your experiment
are you just going to print your ezine and mail it?
or is it in "zine" format and you're going to fold and/or staple it too?

I was just wondering
I've been a part of the zine community (so to speak) for about 6 years, and the whole trading a link for a tangible item is weird for me


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Bier de Stone


from: slavezombie
date: Mon, Oct. 27, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)

Since you ask, OK. I already e-mailed you for a complete address. And yes, the experiment I mention was intended to gather statistics of people who access my e-zine to compare that to how many zines I receive at the address posted.

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from: mydressisonfire
date: Mon, Oct. 27, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)

ok cool, I emailed you back

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