Bier de Stone (slavezombie) wrote,
Bier de Stone

I've got too many books

I've reached that point where my books start piling up at home and they become at risk of being misplaced. So I decided to start weeding those I'm just not going to get around to reading. There's a lot more from this list that needs to get returned to the library, but I can only carry so much to work. Next week I'll return another batch and update this entry

Future Reading

  • Hindley, Geoffrey 770 H662 Working with light-sensitive materials
  • Schwalbach, Mathilda 747.31 S398 Screen-process printing for the serigrapher &...
  • Fossett, R. O. 774 F752 Screen printing photographic techniques
  • Bell, Mark R. 510.78P B364Be BBEdit 4 for Macintosh
  • Meyers, Michael, All-in-one network+ certification exam guide
  • Rampling, Blair DNS for dummies
  • O'Malley, Kevin Programming Mac OS X : a guide for UNIX devel...
  • Pepple, Ken Migrating to the Solaris operating system : t...
  • Regan, Patrick E Acing the network + certification exam
  • Long, Larry E Home networking demystified
  • Robbins, Arnold 510.78S U61Robb 2005 UNIX in a nutshell
  • Kinsey, Anthony 747.31 K56 Introducing screen printing
  • Meloni, Julie C. 510.78L P575Mel-1 2007 Sam's teach yourself PHP, MySQL, and Apache
  • Unix system administration handbook
  • Ray, Deborah S. Visual quickstart guide: Unix 3rd edition
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