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      Christ almighty, it's nearly impossible to search somebody out using for Los Angeles residents. I posted something yesterday, hoping my b-day wish might come true, and I find myself reading, not replies to my post, but new messages posted by others seeking people too. This one caught my eye.

This is for you H (blue eyes)

I did want you and I want you more than you know. I wanted to listen, snuggle, watch you, please you, love you, and just be with you. It wouldn't have mattered what we were doing just as long as I was with you. (WEIT) I hope you are warm tonight and happy. I just did not understand why you asked me the things you did. You deserve the rainbow my love, I adore you, I pray for you, I hope you are getting love because you deserve the best, and I miss you. Good night my love! Xo Love Karen

      So I don't know what to think. Am I color blind and never realized my eyes were blue? Did you change your name? It's so annoying just thinking about why I do this (playing sleuth). The best time of my life, all my life, I kept my true feelings to myself, worried I'd scare you away. Then the innevitable happens. I feel that I can't hold on to you for much longer and my insecurity takes control. It was really only our first real fight, wasn't it? THAT'S what makes me wonder what your true feelings for me were.
      Now, I'm here typing away. I look at your picture every time I sit at my desk. I look like Gumby and you look like the woman I will never forget who walked into my life bearing children for whom you decidedly made an effort to borrow books for, which I felt wouldn't be right unless I carried the load for you to your car. I realize I still love you more than ever. What a waste this life turned out to be without you.
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