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Tue, May. 2nd, 2006 | 12:21 pm  slavezombie

library videos (and CDs)
      Back in the ol` days when our video collection was kept alphabetically on a clipboard, doing inventory of the titles which inevitably became lost was easy. Of course, keeping the entire collection updated, as new stuff came in, was a bitch. I just don't know how to use Microsoft Access.
      The popular vids usually tend to stick in one's mind, either because the staff takes home a copy to watch for themselves, or it is the same flicks that are being circulated in and out, over and over again. In trying to come up with an effective way to account for missing vids so that the database of catalog items doesn't mislead users, is by pulling up the popular vids to check their status, search for them on the display racks, then update the status if item's turn up missing.
One thing's certain, after watching the news covering the swarms of protesters in the street yesterday, I find it hard not to view the library department as a consolation to make up for the opportunistic businesses that put laborers through such inhumane conditions. What else could justify anybody in this country desperate enough to take what doesn't belong to them (taxpayer or not)?
      What a difference when a person walks in to a bookstore/video store to browse the collection. It's because all the good stuff from libraries always mysteriously disappears.

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from: whthfck
date: Wed, May. 3, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)

I couldn't watch the news for more than 5 minutes Monday. I was deeply annoyed.

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Bier de Stone

Émelie & A very long engagement

from: slavezombie
date: Wed, May. 3, 2006 01:39 pm (UTC)

      I just made the connection after reading the Entertainment Weekly article about the soon to be released Ron Howard film The da Vinci Code that the photo of Audrey Tautou is the same actress who did Émelie. At first glance, I didn't recognize her. She was also in A very long engagement. I took that DVD home with me yesterday only to realize that the special features disc had replaced the flick disc. DAMN! That's yet another good video to add to the missing/lost list.
      The news was sad on Monday. Fortunately there wasn't too many folks getting arrested. And if there was, I guess the network I was watching didn't cover that aspect. The biggest deal that NBC (my favorite news channel) thought was worthy of news was the fact that no container freights from the docks were moved that day. I guess the reason is that most of the smog in LA is a result of airplanes and freight liners. To think that nothing got moved and ships may have been lined up at the harbor for nothing, and polluting our air, goes to show you how the hierarchy of politics functions best at setting the blame.
      It kinda puts in perspective the idea that convicted felons rehabilitating themselves in prison by converting themselves into practicing lawyer might be the folks running this nation. After all, a corporate lawyer making the decisions for major corporations also has the know how to quit when he's ahead and run for office.

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