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Thu, Oct. 6th, 2011 | 02:59 pm  slavezombie

weeding magazines
It's about that time of year when the magazines shelves starting getting jammed packed. I have to weed old magazines every six months for People and Us. All the other subscriptions don't seem to get overly crowded. I mean, the library where I work gets Time as well, and that's a weekly magazine just like Us and People, yet the shelf where that magazine is kept doesn't seem to ever get crowded.

I began to weed out anything from People and Us that was older than 2011. I had already weeded out the magazines dated between January and June 2010, and I kept a file of statistics to get an idea of how popular the various subscriptions are to the patrons. Here's a graphic chart of the two publications. Since I don't really need to make space for the other subscriptions yet, I didn't do the statistics on those (yet). One day when business is slow, like Fridays, I'll try to finish up the statistics on all major titles for the year 2010.

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