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Mon, Aug. 7th, 2006 | 12:32 am  slavezombie

Role models
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Originally uploaded by blanket sin.
I have something to say about this story. But you're not going to hear a word from me until I read it again. I like reading between the lines. It's so sad that such a beautiful woman like Christy should have to endure broken marriages. I know most people don't give divorce a second thought, but having never been married myself, I can fantasize can't I? about eventually finding a woman who'll have me and live happily ever after. So, if Brinkley had any faith in religion at all, she'd probably be willing to forgive a bit since marriage vows do include "for better and for worse".
      What my main concern is page design. Notice that the caption for Christy is printed directly on top of her dress, giving the impression that somebody snuck close enough to write on her, but the caption near Peter Cooke's photo is to the side. Hmmn? Obviously, this page was arranged by a chauvenist.
      The first thing I looked at was the comparison to the younger women. Seems like even the most beautiful woman eventually has to step down to younger blood. Diana Bianchi isn't that much more pretty than Christy either. The other gal reminds me of Anita in her younger days. ru reading this Anita?
I wonder if there's anything more to the choice of headline used for this article. The word "worsens" being directly positioned atop Peter, (no pun) and "scandal" atop Christy (no pun intended).

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...my own true Hollywood story....


from: annamaryse
date: Mon, Aug. 7, 2006 04:53 am (UTC)

First of all, not every marriage ends that way. And Christy Brinkley's been divorced from someone else before... serial monogamy so to speak...

Not every man leaves their mates for younger women as well. Some men do love their women as they get older and some women also leave their husbands for younger men.

What I think, is that someone like Christy Brinkley has to endure more than her share of the type of men who are attracted to a woman not for her own intrinsic sake, but because she sends the right message.

There was a point in my life when I was in my very early 20s and had blonde hair. Until I turned blonde I had never known anything like it. There was a thing about being blonde, I could always see guys looking me up and down out of the corner of my eyes like "Is she the one?" or even "There's one now - it's a blonde! She'll do!"

One time when I was in my early 20s around that same time I has this friend who was this fucked up tortured artist/wino/poet/musician and like, he was a buddy and he was interesting. I wasn't DATING him for heaven sakes.

ANYHOW one night when he was drunk he told me the most astonishing thing. He told me that hanging out with me was awesome, but that he would never fuck me because people expected a certain kind of chick when they thought about him, and if people thought he was screwing me they'd think he was 'losing his touch'. I shit you not. This is what he said.

Bottom line, he didn't have a chance with me before hand, but after saying that shit I had to freeze him out totally, and never explained why. Tha† speech resulted in a big "SEE YA" from me -- with a quickness. I look at pix of me from that time and OMG I was so hot then, what the hell was wrong with him? He SHOULD have had good enough taste to hit on me so I coulda turned him down cold.

I was hot, but I was never Barbie. Anyhow I mean it, a lot of men are most of all attracted to a woman if they think she's the one all his friends would envy him for. I am serious. So they go for the major supermodel because obviously a supermodel is the gold standard... and then later on they chea† on her. Christy Brinkley is a barbie. those girls live a special hell the rest of us don't even know.

Thank GOD I am not one of those people. YUK.

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Bier de Stone

Glamour life

from: slavezombie
date: Mon, Aug. 7, 2006 11:45 am (UTC)

      Yes, I agree. People who don't make an effort to look beautiful and popular don't suffer the loveless relationships synonymous with vogue. They get a lot more sex, and God knows when I see somebody sexy I want to get some too. In my twenties, I always had an eye for blonds, then I discovered that they don't age too gracefully. At least not as nice as brunettes.
      I didn't realize before I made this entry that the typesetter placed the word WORSEN over Peters crotch, and SCANDAL was placed below Christy. Christy seemingly being an abbreviation for christianity. Have you ever heard about the crusader wars that protesters of Iraq's invasion are pinning on Bush's war? The article in Entertainment says the divorce suit will probably settle because if it doesn't, the trial will be devastating for her. She's a superwoman in my eyes. It's a special kind of lady who can ignore such a label of scandal in a magazine like Entertainment.

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