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work hours

The 4th workweek of the scheduling period is nearing and that means that requests for adjustments will be formally solicited. I don`t mind so much the paperwork and formalities in having to request vacation, days off, doctor`s appointments, etc. in ink; nor the necessity for everything to be in ink, signed and dated. What I have trouble with is the calendar which is handed back to us showing what our work hours will be, as well as [the schedule] of every other employee in the building.

OK, I`m a bit paranoid, but I have nothing to hide from my co-workers where my work hours are concerned. My gripe in the scheduling practices is the perplexity of having to hi-lite row after name after row, and keeping tabs on which column applies to what day of the week. It`s a lot to ask of from people who claim being dyslexic when mistakes occur. Ha ha. JK

I`ve become pretty competent in using Excel for daily tasks around the office. Although I don`t really understand the function commands and formulas for creating calendars for any month of the year, I`ve managed to make a calendar merge the data file management uses for correlating whom gets what days off. It works fine for me and I`ve attempted to apply it for other employees, (it`s my method of secretly getting my computer creations adopted universally) but the risk factor in screwing up somebody`s schedule was too great. I didn`t want that responsibility, so I continue using the file for myself. What a breakthru it would be if normal monthly calendars were used for issuing scheduling tactics to staff members.

I do, however, have a right to be paranoid about stuff like this… just hours ago, a co-worker mentions to me what all is entailed in the preparation of time sheets. "We just type in the info, right?" I know there`s a manual somewhere for her and I`ll be sure to point that out to her one day. I went and created an html page with links directing peeps to the file on the vastly overflooded Intranet, M: drive, G: drive, C: drive, Internet, etc. I won`t stray too far from the subject.

It looks like my attempt to transfer text from work to laptop, without a disk, is running smoothly. At this rate, my blogs should slowly begin filling up with juicy personal outlets. As I`ve said before on lj, when all is said and done, I`m not really sure I am who I think I am and calling people dinky, moronic, hasty, or all those other good 4-ltr words makes me feel stubborn and spoiled bitching about every little thing that doesn`t go my way. Time to wash the car
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