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Fri, Jan. 6th, 2012 | 02:13 pm  ⅊ montana st & glendale blvd los angeles, ca slavezombie

a California 80's license plate billboard

I just remembered; I still haven't seen the movie Killer inside me. I am wondering whether my local video store will have a copy for me to rent tonight.I pass this corner pretty frequently and I know it's a stretch to visualize the billboard as a giant license plate. I took the photo last week because something odd about it was bugging me. I just couldn't pinpoint what. Browsing my pictures library in thumbnail mode, it came to me. This freaking billboard resembles a license plate. Who would design such a thing. What's the message I'm getting? That I'm going to fall in the middle of the street and be bitch-slapped by the license plate of the car behind me.

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