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Tue, Jan. 31st, 2012 | 07:25 am  ⅊ California, Los Angeles, Lake Shore Ave slavezombie

renew book

Yesterday I took a sick day. I was having stomach problems and couldn't sleep the night before. I wish I could have used the free day for shopping, but I vegged out in front of the TV instead.

Today I start work at 9Am. I'm feeling a lot better. The rest and relaxation was therapeutic. I realized late last night thatReverend Dogslaughter had a birthday so I sent her a quick "happy b-day" message. I don't think she posts ask that much on lj anymore (a victim of Facebook, no doubt). Oh well. I hardly know her anyway, and I'm sure the note I sent her might be received awkwardly.

My sister sent me a text to please renew her book, doctor Q, which I'm willing to wager nobody is reading. Since I'm forgetful, I'm writing this post to remind me to renew he book.

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