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I had a battle with my computer. My computer won, so what else is new. I learned that I`ve been neglecting hidden icons in webding and wingding fonts. I thought I had increased the number of icons so much that I created a list of key combinations resulting in depicted icon. I still missed a few as I completely forgot about accenting capital vowels. Everyone, except perhaps Americans, knows that lower case vowels can be accented, but rarely does anyone ever encounter those vowels as capitals because they don`t normally begin sentences. And foreigners aren`t accustomed to screaming their text by capitalizing the words.
ËÏŸÄShouldn`t a "J" fall under the vowel family of characters of the alphabet? It`s dotted and was transformed from an "i" long ago.

Today at work I found an image of a seahorse giving birth (oh, and I read that Blacklist article in LA Weekly last night.) So, my brain is torn between wondering who named the seahorse and why the sudden change at Pacific Aquarium with their breed of seadragons, and whether the sudden change of name, from a noble horse to a mystical dragon, doesn`t have a connection with the fact that a male seahorse gives live birth to baby seahorse (although still nourishing from their egg sack) much the same way as a mammal may give birth to a baby which nourished from its mother`s milk. Huh? In other words, didn`t the name seahorse subconsciously insinuate that mammals can switch sex roles? Skip that. Is there any possibility that their classification can be overturned?

BTW, I`m also wondering how much more interesting it would be for DNA scientists to clone a Dodo bird`s remains to see if it really resembles what all the illustrations depict it as in books. I hear Art detectives like Seracini are fond of the idea of using scanners and x-ray machines to uncover the contents behind a wall for Da Vinci masterpieces such as The battle of Anghiari. What I could understand about comments read in the news is that historians would need to demolish a wall in which a fresco called Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio is displayed. I doubt anybody knows the effects scanning equipment may have on the long term on fresco, but…
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