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Mon, Sep. 25th, 2006 | 10:14 pm  slavezombie

Jackass ii, the movie
  What a blast I had today. Although, I wish shopping for clothes wasn't so complicated. I go shopping to redeem the discount coupons I receive in the mail (and who reads the fine print) only to discover that the 'sale' doesn't start until Wednesday. The nice thing about Bloomy's is they took my shop cart and charged me for it, valued my coupons too. I have to go back on Thursday to pick up my pants, my shirt, and my sweater.
  I'm OK with that, though. Last week I went to OSH. I bought window tinting film. When I got home, I read the instructions and learned that I would need the adhesive concoction. I had also bought moss from the gardening dept. that same day. It turns out that my book on carnivorous plants explains Venus Flytraps thrive on sphagnum moss. I was inches from bringing that home, but decided on the liter moss. I make a special trip back for the gluey tint adhesive. That was my second return, but I hadn't figured out the sphagnum moss yet. I went back a third time to pick up the proper potting soil, and while I was there, a squeegy for the tinting project.
  At Bloomy's, I also slipped into Body, Bath & Beyond and got myself a blanket. Can't be too prepared for El Niño, I always say. I also forgot to take a look at laundry baskets. And my drain is needing a new drain thingy (to catch all the stray hairs from my shedding scalp). I may just have to take in the original to get a perfect fit.
  I had lunch at the Coffee Table at about 2:30 or 3:00pm. I had the BLTA with an Italian soda. It was yummy.
  Determined to get my loose change worth of parking meter time, I walked up to Radio Shack and upgraded my phone. I have a black Sanyo Katana now. Somebody call me. I'M DESPERATE! I had forgotten to carry around my 35mm. I really did only have one exposure left in it. I wasted it on a potted cactus plant. Pictures will be ready for pick up after 3:00pm on Thursday, but I'm gonna call after 3pm Wednesday just in case.
  I got home and tried to read that thin little classic that I feel should only really take me an hour to read. Ask the dust by John Fante (which I should be reading this very moment) starts off slow, but it's getting better. So far I'm fixated on the main characters struggle to make a name for himself as a writer. The title of his manuscript, THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED, or some such nonesense seems like it is the very book I'm holding in my hand and because it sucks starting out, it all just seems like an autobiography written by a wannabe writer a bit prematurely in his career. Ask the dust is a story based in L.A. and I see myself in the book too, which is why I haven't put it down. It's doubtful I'll ever be asked to put together my own bio, in which case my reply to that would be "ask the dust, when I'm dead and gone".
  I can't seem to focus, so I go to the movies. The film was rad. Plenty of mooning and saggy sex organs, and gross material. My dinner was popcorn and a soda and I managed to finish that up ten or fifteen minutes into the film. Past that, I don't recommend letting your munchies guide you through ordering enough snacks to last the whole movie.
  As far as non-stop laughter is concerned, Johnny Knoxville apparently was referring to the genuine laughter taking place on film by all the Jackass crew in his interview by Henry Rollins. I'm not disappointed. I remember what Survivor was like when I saw it for the first time. I was rotflol watching the contestant eat bugs and puke. Same concept with Jackass.

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...my own true Hollywood story....


from: annamaryse
date: Tue, Sep. 26, 2006 05:32 am (UTC)

1. I like your dodo.

2. I love hearing stuff about people's adventures in shopping malls.

3. I had a celebrity encounter with Steve O from that jackass crew. OMG what an asshole.

When I was working at H&R Block he came in to get his taxes done at the very last minute on like the very last day just as we were getting ready to close... and he was blazing, absolutely toasted, I suspect it was crystal meth, he had that kind of gleam. And we almost got into a fight, our energy clashed so bad my boss physically put herself between us and took over taking care of him completely.

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Bier de Stone

Mirds, balls, and blackasses

from: slavezombie
date: Wed, Sep. 27, 2006 12:46 pm (UTC)

  Thank yee. I wonder what kind of sound Dodos made to communicate with each other. Maybe bird calling is for loonies, but my opinion on DNA possibilities in bringing back the Dodo would not sprout as much interest in their mating call as it might the growling noise in people's stomach. I'm glad you like my bird.
  I'll say this about Beverly Center. I'm glad it looks like the aftermath of a minor California jolt slightly damaged the parking area. I'm not sure what kind of restoration is taking place in the parking levels, but I was so angry when I was physically thrown out on my ass one night at Hard Rock. When every thing's said and done, this is the crude manner in which the host treats a customer after a night of drinks on the house. Talk about bittersweet beverages, I wouldn't doubt that café is a espionage center for ex-FBI agents feeding truth syrum to unsuspecting people.
  Celebrities scare the hell outa me. They always have personal bodyguards surrounding them whom aren't in the least ashamed of their ability to eavesdrop, on top of being intimidating. Those Jackasses [SPOILER] were morons when they shaved all their pubes to collect enough hair to be used in the make-up process of an unsuspecting colleague getting prepped for a scene as a bearded Palestinian. [END SPOILER] While the make-up artist was working on the beard (with rubber-gloved hands), all the Jackasses laughed uncontrollably at nothing at all. One couldn't help but wonder that the victim of a face covered in pubic hairs hadn't already suspected something despite the neatly packaged box the loose hairs were being retrieved out of for the beard. I thought that was the most moronic scene of male testosterone build up in the film. It's obvious why that little group of Jackasses proclaim their distrust among one another, and yet, these partners-in-arms are the only friends they have to confide amongst.

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