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Sun, Dec. 1st, 2013 | 04:00 am  slavezombie

Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for November 2013

From Twitter, Friday, 11-1-2013

1:37 PM - @slavezombie: Best Halloween costume for 2013 http://t.co/VUt8uEEFRs
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYA1fmjCMAA692U.jpg ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 11-2-2013

1:35 PM - @JetPens: EXCLUSIVE FLASH GIVEAWAY FOR OUR TWITTER FRIENDS - ENDS MIDNIGHT! One retweeter will win this JetPens Halloween Pack! http://t.co/N8r8najTP7
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BX7X7eUCQAEXrGs.jpg ]

1:42 PM - @slavezombie: This nanowrimo thing s producing a bunch of tweets, blogs and events in which I'm finding new peeps to add 2 my twitter feeds and lj friends

From Twitter, Sunday, 11-3-2013

2:13 PM - @slavezombie: If i tweet once a day, could I say that I participated in nanowrimo?

From Twitter, Monday, 11-4-2013

3:40 PM - @slavezombie: Is pizza day today. Don't look in my fridge and pretend 2b surprised that I have dirt in there. http://t.co/uZNoHxZ35B
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYQ8BTiCIAAfgPm.jpg ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 11-5-2013

9:33 AM - @slavezombie: I can't wait until this day is over. sicker than a dog and least favor co-workers for company don't know anything 'cept silent treatment.

9:34 AM - @slavezombie: cough

11:35 AM - @slavezombie: #typosphere http://t.co/eLkLy94Mn6
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYVNoYSCQAAUE2B.jpg ]

2:20 PM - @slavezombie: a batch of new videos has arrived. I put myself on a waiting list to watch Season 2 of American Horror story

2:22 PM - @slavezombie: I wonder where season 4 of SOA and, season 2 of House of Cards,and season 3 of Game of Thrones are?

From Twitter, Wednesday, 11-6-2013

8:03 PM - @slavezombie: When I was asking peeps if they understood the term rahman, I only received a reply of "noodles?" My bad. I left off the B in Brahman.

8:05 PM - @slavezombie: Meanwhile, I'd be showing peeps the [Brahman] symbol, but everyone would say "That's the om symbol. Never heard it called a rahman before."

From Twitter, Thursday, 11-7-2013

11:48 AM - @slavezombie: Working my fingers to the bone, I continually bleed for the readers in the world. http://t.co/Bdsi3PZmJo
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYfjm65CUAAqZWz.jpg ]

12:15 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Viet Noodle Bar on #Yelp http://t.co/B9YYqblKfo
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/viet-noodle-bar-los-angeles?pt=check_in&ref=twitter&v=4b ]


LOS ANGELES, CA ?... http://t.co/F9VIXPGnZe
[ http://fb.me/2JIQZKZrM ]

1:47 PM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/4mvtPA8mHd
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYZGZp4CcAEMubR.jpg ]

1:57 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman I give great Kale rubs if you don't mind one or two missing esques 0-?

3:14 PM - @slavezombie: @KingKightlinger Are You sad about Cougar Town being disconinedtufrom network TV too?

From Twitter, Friday, 11-8-2013

8:40 AM - @slavezombie: Bunnies http://t.co/dxcvOBuytW
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYkCN53CUAA7lbW.jpg ]

12:54 PM - @slavezombie: dumb little cup holders for motorcycle handlebars don't work for fastfood soft drink cups. I'm all wet and sticky now.

1:23 PM - @slavezombie: I see...Devil's Tower erupting in spurts of lava
#RorschachDoodle http://t.co/2jnc6BNxbO
[ http://g.co/doodle/8kt9ut ]

7:34 PM - @slavezombie: hanging out at the witches because,.1=uck knows

8:24 PM - @slavezombie: Just Chillin a willin https://t.co/UZhmhUueFF
[ https://vine.co/v/hIUuV3XgBx3 ]

10:11 PM - @slavezombie: https://t.co/c5KesVKwKv
[ https://vine.co/v/hIU0gq5Kxqh ]

From Twitter, Monday, 11-11-2013

4:12 PM - @slavezombie: I just checked in at India's Flavor on #Yelp and unlocked 1 free kheer dessert! http://t.co/kwGllWAuwt
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/indias-flavor-glendale-4?pt=offer&ref=twitter&v=9 ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 11-12-2013

10:00 AM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Starbucks on #Yelp http://t.co/gscd7OnZdS
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/starbucks-glendale-10?pt=check_in&ref=twitter&v=4b ]

9:07 PM - @slavezombie: dinnir potions are cool https://t.co/z9Vx3C8rHa
[ https://vine.co/v/hTDlA1jgVa1 ]

11:14 PM - @slavezombie: Muata.israili for "Fuck your mother." http://t.co/82q5QDbAOJ
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BY7wsvACMAAt9Ec.jpg ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 11-13-2013

9:28 PM - @slavezombie: Check out Win a Set of 10 Remastered Slayer Vinyl Albums! http://t.co/w52zmk7Wgz @Loudwire
[ http://loudwire.com/win-10-remastered-slayer-vinyl-albums/?trackback=twitter_mobile ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 11-14-2013

7:11 PM - @slavezombie: My laptop's keyboard randomly hi-lites text as I type and deletes it when I subsequently press a key. Alas my manual typewriter is justified

From Twitter, Friday, 11-15-2013

3:25 PM - @slavezombie: sitting on bench outside rehab ward waiting to hear news on gf who just text me that she's back at the hospital W/ nervous breakdown symptom

From Twitter, Saturday, 11-16-2013

4:42 PM - @slavezombie: just woke up from my siesta

8:38 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Costa Alegre Restaurant on #Yelp http://t.co/SSB7eSIkCa
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/costa-alegre-restaurant-los-angeles-2?pt=check_in&ref=twitter&v=4b ]

From Twitter, Monday, 11-18-2013

1:31 AM - @slavezombie: Having nightmares about old school ringing telephones waking me up. It only rings once. Then I'm dreaming I'm awake but can't move.

From Twitter, Tuesday, 11-19-2013

12:55 AM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman when I feel like living dangerously, I sleep with my toes protruding from the blankets

12:49 PM - @slavezombie: I'm cold. I'm hungry. I'm sleepy. I'm sitting at my desk at work until 5:30 when they actually expect me to do something for 2-1/2 hours.

1:48 PM - @slavezombie: Tree butthole #helpima100k against #mathew100k https://t.co/pWKfIAd9YV
[ https://vine.co/v/hFWwJVQmgzd ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 11-20-2013

4:05 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Eagle Rock Brewery on #Yelp http://t.co/G3gcvTn842
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/eagle-rock-brewery-los-angeles?pt=check_in&ref=twitter&v=4b ]

11:07 PM - @slavezombie: Hump day: the middle of the work week for which, if you crave pizza, is a day for sharing ur lunch with Co workers.

From Twitter, Friday, 11-22-2013

8:41 AM - @slavezombie: I know you like it https://t.co/z8xvOnEq8r
[ https://vine.co/v/hFjiTgtEwiz ]

1:57 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman ten mash cuidado. tu peshquesho esh muy importante.

10:06 PM - @slavezombie: https://t.co/6FAHW6qjPR
[ https://vine.co/v/hFE6qwu7bwL ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 11-23-2013

4:41 PM - @slavezombie: I checked in at Shakey's Pizza Parlor on #Yelp http://t.co/JTzOqqkkmG
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/shakeys-pizza-parlor-glendale?pt=check_in&ref=twitter&v=4b ]

4:42 PM - @slavezombie: Gotta ask myself n what am I even doing here (trying to sober up b4 the ride home) anyways

From Twitter, Tuesday, 11-26-2013

4:00 PM - @slavezombie: @KingKightlinger you're the only bloody funny writer 1 want to read

4:20 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman And wouldn't following Thru with something like that help make things go pleasantly viral? http://t.co/qHTDXA7hM1
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BaCYFxJCEAEO7ut.jpg ]

4:25 PM - @slavezombie: @xCountMeInx oh! that must explain why I never received pen- letter from you. It was dropped in a recycling bin instead of a mailbox.

4:32 PM - @CuteEmergency: Two baby platypuses wearing fedoras. You're welcome. http://t.co/vvjtjzQN1z
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BZ1yasrIQAAK_Wl.jpg ]

4:37 PM - @slavezombie: @xCountMeInx why does this story remind me of "500 days of summer"?

4:49 PM - @slavezombie: breaking in a pair of new red wing boots and I think 1 done gone ripped the ligament in my ankle.

5:13 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman that has to be more than coincidence. Is Fetish ruled out? Surely it's been in the news: Fans Share Moment Beyond Autograph

From Twitter, Wednesday, 11-27-2013

1:51 PM - @slavezombie: Looking 4 info on segment relating 2 violence along Glendale Blvd by where I live reported by Ana Garcia, 1 find "How did Anna Garcia Die?"

From Twitter, Thursday, 11-28-2013

8:16 AM - @slavezombie: Eek! A mouse just literally scampered from my bedroom to the gas heater in other room, hopping over my feet as I stare in awe. Gotta get cat

7:39 PM - @slavezombie: Watching steelers Ravens game. Listening 2 controversial feedback on steelers sideline bystanders stepping into field obstructing path of...

8:01 PM - @slavezombie: If sports radio coverage discuss #Jones as being one to many players on field, I hope they add that receiver should've pummeled him silly.

8:46 PM - @slavezombie: Mike Tomlin was the Steelers sideline culprit obstructing the path of Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones returning a kick for a possible touchdown

From Twitter, Friday, 11-29-2013

12:17 PM - @slavezombie: What a crazy bitch! Friend from work visits 4 some Turkey, sleeps over, and on the ride home attacks me breaking eyeglasses, pulling hair.

From Twitter, Saturday, 11-30-2013

8:24 AM - @slavezombie: @SuziBlu Me too

10:49 AM - @LATgreatreads: In Echo Park, a writer's experiment has become a neighborhood ritual: http://t.co/wwtTHX8Xr0
[ http://lati.ms/riV2r ]

7:13 PM - @slavezombie: Was stressing about how work would go today, but nutcase didn't show. Overheard Conversation w boss when she called in 2 say wouldn't b in.

8:21 PM - @slavezombie: Drinkng a beer w collg footbl fans (@ Mohawk Bend) on #Yelp http://t.co/50sWOhVTVC
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz/mohawk-bend-los-angeles?pt=check_in&ref=twitter&v=4b ]

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