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    Last night I went to the movies. I saw a film I wasn't originally planning to see until somebody recommended it. I've been procrastinating since last week because it just seemed the Laemmle's Royal Theatre was too far. Even yesterday, I had planned to go at noon, then 2pm, then 4pm, until I finally rushed out the door at 6:30 for the 7:05p showing and determined to catch the 9pm showing if I arrived late. Volver was a delight to watch. I was completely satisfied. My dark side tells me I enjoyed just paying the $11 seat tickets, or the idea of being out in the night air where the lighting seems to agree with me more.
    I was having a slight episode of indecision grasping my hair and trying to pull myself out the door. I may just have been trying to remember to turn on the TiVo for the news report on CBS. This is the site that will take you there

    Gee, even this movie review has a commercial break. I walked into the screening room just five minutes late. Apparently this film must not have had upcoming previews and trailers. I was surprised at only a few translated words from the English subtitles, but that just shows you how rusty my Spanish is as I might've interpreted some expressions used in their literal sense. I think I would go again to try to brush up on my slang. I know just the cutie who I can impress by using the vocabulary found in this film. My rating: Go see it (a few times). The subtitles take away from the focal point of the performer's squalid expressions.

Volver means coming back in Spanish.
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