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Tue, Jul. 1st, 2014 | 04:00 am  slavezombie

Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for June 2014

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-3-2014

10:33 AM - U can lead a horse 2 water
U can hold his head under the surface
U can suck on his asshole
But u can't make him drink!

10:39 AM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/7d9nDGFH6Q
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BpOEakMCAAAuFdQ.jpg ]

1:51 PM - @lisadraws @indiebound I disliked em once I discovered their robotic assembly line, but the article brings up points against other Corp ways

From Twitter, Friday, 6-13-2014

5:41 PM - I can't quite bring myself to remembering what the f*** I was going to say . Oh yeah I can't bring myself to root for the LA Kings

5:42 PM - @trutherbot that's what I say

5:51 PM - I kno that's weird. Coz deep down, I am a king's fan. It's just, routing is so cheerleader gay

6:25 PM - The second period fandangle is puri pally going to be the play of the game

From Twitter, Monday, 6-16-2014

8:41 AM - I believe Game Of Thrones Finale was last night. Gonna time how long b4 DVD is released (for Season 3?) http://t.co/E9CYODF5x4
[ http://flip.it/383yP ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-17-2014

1:26 AM - @LauraJSilverman it isn't just me then. The new listerine, right? It's a fly eat fly world.

From Twitter, Wednesday, 6-18-2014

10:49 AM - Thinking of finding a new friend. Reading up on breeds to consider. http://t.co/o7nMcZxwyR
[ http://ift.tt/1qsSxs7 ]

9:21 PM - Couldn't find the remote to the blue Ray . so listening to god Hates us all. Which way ??

From Twitter, Thursday, 6-19-2014

10:17 PM - Redirection to pilcrow_news.livejournal. com when screenwriters can have piece of mind http://t.co/6WeIbKYp59
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BqjKGiRCUAAtgIc.jpg ]

From Twitter, Friday, 6-20-2014

1:39 PM - KTLA 5 news segment on "corpes flower", the man eating little shop of horrors plant. Bkgrnd music: PRAISE OF DEATH - SLAYER while tv's mute

6:50 PM - Oy. http://t.co/hLqu9n4WPC
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BqnkKhGCYAE6fDT.jpg ]

9:38 PM - Was that a UFO just fly over my house, with a helicopter escort?

10:58 PM - Halt and Catch Fire (2014) - http://t.co/Ui3KWZVQfj find premier. Get tix.
[ http://www.imdb.com/rg/s/1/title/tt2543312/ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 6-21-2014

9:44 AM - Writers and their Typewriters - How Many Unidentified Models Can You Pick? http://t.co/CpPR0n33gO
[ http://flip.it/QfSNW ]

From Twitter, Monday, 6-23-2014

5:38 PM - I just ate a one day old pollo loco burrito, but it feels like it was a 3 day old burrito

From Twitter, Tuesday, 6-24-2014

3:38 PM - useful info to memorize on SSB vs. shortwave signals http://t.co/nth0qILSD8
[ http://ift.tt/1jfxD8z ]

3:38 PM - Etón Satellit http://t.co/05UlohaexY
[ http://swling.com/blog/ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 6-25-2014

3:57 AM - This girl did a spread in LA weekly and i remember how much I thought her picture resembled Ellie. http://t.co/mdgVVgy7Ff
[ http://ift.tt/1rxCtTy ]

3:58 AM - Conspiracy theory looms on thedemise of Princess Diana RT @trutherbot: http://t.co/ahOcmpDRXi
[ http://flip.it/lcT6c ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 6-29-2014

10:03 PM - @BasedBish0p typewriters r still cheaper than computers, cheaper than replacing old puters, and less of a headache figuring how puters work.

10:16 PM - The day a typewriter s more expensive than used computers on eBay s the day people gotta get up and snap out of corporate funk, smell flowrs

10:55 PM - @typewritepoetry everything seems to sound better on vinyl.

11:01 PM - So u say ur all about analog: Typewriters, record players, rotary phones. Post Office, radios, rooftop antennas. Lived under a rock much?

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