Bier de Stone (slavezombie) wrote,
Bier de Stone

Why is the week still not ended?

    This has been one of the longest weeks for me. I still must show up for work today. Saturday, of all days. Officially my weekend doesn't start until Sunday.
    I still have to send Joan a letter explaining some of the hi-lites of what's been going on since she left for Seattle. I'm thinking of doing that by hand in script, since that's what she sent me. Her reason for sending a hard copy of a letter was a power outage, my reason is I haven't accomplished very much other than clutter my drafting table with loose paper, ink bottles and strewn calligraphy pens.
    For that matter, I haven't picked up my guitar either. But i did manage to find a sample sheet of page one to the guitar tabs of the song MEAN MAN. I should probably point out that there is a difference, if only by a single note, between the digitally formatted tabs printed using monospace fonts from the more popular sites out there. The note is on Bb5/F5. I knew there was a change in chords around the part of the lyrics which go "motherfuckin' man", but I didn't know how to manipulate the notes to get the correct sound.
    I'm kinda wanting to have pizza tonight for dinner, but I also wanna just sit with my guitar. I guess I can do both, and that might even prevent blistering by limiting how much playing time I spend. Thing is, after pizza, I just wanna siesta. Lj seems to be working fine again. I cleared the cache and am noticing slight changes to the post an entry window. Maybe I've just been gone too long. I miss doodling for you guys. Somehow I feel that my stupid illustrations bring in more readers (and comments). It's cold. Brrrr.
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