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Mon, Sep. 1st, 2014 | 04:04 am  slavezombie

Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for August 2014

From Twitter, Friday, 8-1-2014

8:56 AM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/uJcPEFiOfL
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bt8TNtpIMAAEjQE.jpg ]

2:40 PM - Hot days like today make me realize that cargo shorts can be really uncomfortable without rolling up the hem. http://t.co/SEzrtOSi27
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bt-9xVXCQAAdYmh.jpg ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 8-2-2014

12:07 AM - 2 reports of a Fireball over CA on 7/28/14 around 03:56 (UTC) #ams #citizenscience http://t.co/U99u7Ni4Xf Hi Kristen B. You're not crazy!
[ http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball_event/2014/1657 ]

1:56 PM - My automatic Pioneer turntable dun't repeat play. It doesn't even automatically turn off at the end of the record. What can I do to fix it?

8:02 PM - I filled out a earthgrazer form and I'm following up to see if my report shows up here. http://t.co/a8XrV4kGBN
[ http://ift.tt/1ng2KSa ]

From Twitter, Monday, 8-4-2014

7:12 PM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/WdXQR40Nxn
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BuM0pjJIIAEolTH.jpg ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 8-5-2014

4:43 PM - @MarloMeekins hmm, wonder if kidnapping is illegal there. If u see juliet cowan, definitely pitch her something that'll bring her 2 America.

5:00 PM - @meigs @lisadraws @wyspodcast do you embrace technology with all its distractions, or is there a solution to distance oneself from it?

5:10 PM - @trutherbot ???

6:13 PM - @lisadraws @meigs @wyspodcast
~ ;-/

From Twitter, Saturday, 8-9-2014

7:30 PM - water treatment facts http://t.co/LyFLdQ50im
[ http://ift.tt/1oRzKow ]

7:30 PM - trying to get a good recipe for water prepping since it doesn't rain much in Los Angeles http://t.co/nnNyQB4vI8
[ http://ift.tt/1sKDmJB ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 8-10-2014

1:36 PM - rotary telephones http://t.co/yb9xNDSzL8
[ http://ift.tt/UQW96N ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 8-12-2014

2:58 PM - when it's ur day off and you can't think of anything fun to do in 90 degree weather https://t.co/roR6hv72RO
[ https://vine.co/v/MYeIm6XxLvZ ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 8-13-2014

3:42 PM - when dating sights result in zero face time https://t.co/BNmpGtrFnd
[ https://vine.co/v/MYH92d9mtjq ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 8-14-2014

11:48 AM - when striking a pose becomes overworked https://t.co/aFeVYKAXN7
[ https://vine.co/v/MYUu1tjOeJD ]

12:25 PM - http://t.co/efBJWPtLaq so media can't reveal info bout anon hacks, but reports anon's Intel achievement as if the hacking org r terrorists?
[ http://rt.com/usa/180352-anonymous-reveal-identity-cop-ferguson/ ]

7:14 PM - https://t.co/ALTojr91pV
[ https://vine.co/v/MYQ1UIOYJwB ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 8-17-2014

9:34 PM - https://t.co/CIkpCaWPIH
[ https://vine.co/v/M3gKrrth3Fq ]

11:30 PM - https://t.co/4hHrZ6YSAo
[ https://vine.co/v/M3XzwqmbTpv ]

From Twitter, Monday, 8-18-2014

12:20 AM - Why anybody would listen to a station that publicly bans music by KISS for reasons of personal opinion by GS are truly tone deaf #banpower97

12:22 AM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/bANUt9C441
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BvS1mluIEAAmn3Z.jpg ]

8:49 AM - Sideshow Bob needs a haircut https://t.co/cTxNAJNdrT
[ https://vine.co/v/M3pOAPpBFtH ]

10:22 AM - member when leaf Blowers became illegal 4 noise. I guess gardeners keep a permit now the way way potheads do https://t.co/rEZGPuBUCJ
[ https://vine.co/v/M3pl6EzHvri ]

8:12 PM - don't get Y gov isn't doin somefing bout all the crap that's pumped into peep's heads via regulated pop radio https://t.co/9LfQrpQvm4
[ https://vine.co/v/M3tr6t37KB0 ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 8-21-2014

8:37 PM - from cartoon amateur to screenwriter wannabe https://t.co/qNpVJhh6Gm
[ https://vine.co/v/MLJ5U22upah ]

From Twitter, Friday, 8-22-2014

2:40 PM - redub https://t.co/pGZrETzOzl
[ https://vine.co/v/MLHwdjt7piI ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 8-23-2014

10:05 AM - Im able to record radio stations, but if I use auxiliary to stream a digital signal thru it, all I get is static when I record. Wondering y.

10:09 AM - Oh @SunnyMabrey You've found me out. Thats why I spend all my time watching vines and my TV is covered with webs. Thanks for doing it 4 free

10:10 AM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/n02YgGLq9j
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bvu4l6pIQAMXXR1.jpg ]

10:16 AM - My HMO #kaiserpermanente wants me to come bak 2 select a diff frame becuz they discovered the one I chose s not avail. Talk about #dorks

From Twitter, Tuesday, 8-26-2014

7:41 PM - @LauraJSilverman obviously u haven't listened 2 LA radio long enuf 2 b completely beside urself w bile whenever sit-n-sleep commercials air

7:49 PM - @trutherbot stop being difficult, hoomins, and get inside. Gawd.

7:57 PM - @LauraJSilverman @SarahKSilverman you're the gorgeous one

From Twitter, Wednesday, 8-27-2014

9:42 AM - Read the news with all it's erronous hastiness http://t.co/Ek6gEHv8Sy
[ http://ift.tt/RcRIi5 ]

9:47 PM - Just had a quickly at a new bar, in my list of bars yet to be solicited, and I'm determined to go to their Octoberfest festivities: eaglrk m

From Twitter, Friday, 8-29-2014

8:36 AM - My HMO tells me the Oakley frames I selected can't be done. I go to Oakley in glnd and select similar frames and they say they can indeed.

11:14 PM - If an appliance is tossed into a pool of water making it electrically charged, then somebody pees in it, can that person b electrocuted?

11:19 PM - @MarloMeekins if Rosslyn Chapel has tours, no brainer. http://t.co/mjG5gd5QTG
[ http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosslyn_Chapel ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 8-30-2014

4:27 PM - @ShamefulToThink I would. But my opinion is biased because I'm always asking myself "if I was lonely, who the fuck would care? "

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