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Thu, Jan. 1st, 2015 | 04:00 am  slavezombie

Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for December 2014

From Twitter, Monday, 12-1-2014

10:34 AM - I never stopped loving ur stupid ass. Sorry.

From Twitter, Tuesday, 12-2-2014

2:30 PM - End of All Hope by Nightwish on Grooveshark for Android: http://t.co/ekY6rgXcHT
[ http://grooveshark.com/s/End+of+All+Hope/2k4U9Z?src=5 ]

8:03 PM - Eversince the new Srirancha burger started 2 appear on the big screen as a commercial, l lost all sense of proportion since I've handled one

8:52 PM - @GonzoVice: What do you say, for instance, about a generation that has been taught that rain is poison and sex is death?

8:53 PM - @GonzoVice: There are times, however, and this is one of them, when even being right feels wrong.

9:03 PM - Tom Araya of Slayer Interview [S3, Ep 5] || All P?: http://t.co/S4OeVjWZH0
Seems like waitin 4press releaseon newmember ain't happening soon
[ http://youtu.be/yOEVcI9AXpg ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 12-3-2014

8:55 PM - i wonder why it seems like everyone else gets to find/see praying mantisses. I never do and i think they're relly aliens from another world.

From Twitter, Saturday, 12-6-2014

8:29 PM - Hare unmanageable.Beginning 2 think its only good 4 xtra large dust bunnies. How duz Tom Araya do it?And why can't i bring myself 2 cut it?

From Twitter, Sunday, 12-7-2014

3:00 PM - carumba,now everyone will know i stutter https://t.co/tsxdNk2LBT
[ https://vine.co/v/Or53rpKTgdM ]

3:14 PM - @LauraJSilverman 2 questions. Do u kno when the #comeback will b avail on on demand or do u know f sex with jewish virgin women is a thing?

3:21 PM - @DayliKawn slurp slurp slurp. [Smacks lips] Mmmm.

3:25 PM - "@trutherbot: http://t.co/qRmBBjaVQc" Two attacks meaning both towers, or two attacks meaning the controlled demolition and the airplanes?
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/B4RsZMNCAAAjSmC.jpg ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 12-9-2014

8:23 AM - Good morning! http://t.co/HpxDnYPE4D
[ http://instagram.com/p/wZH1ykxp1f/ ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 12-13-2014

3:52 AM - Just watched Closed Circuit flick. Actually had to purchase it thru roku. Odd that rotten tomato has such low rating for it. Fun flick 4sure

From Twitter, Thursday, 12-18-2014

9:37 AM - story of my love life. here is Tu-si, pronounced dusie, which is Spanish for "you yes" https://t.co/CKeA2wk3w4
[ https://vine.co/v/OgPrqbzUEUx ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 12-21-2014

9:28 AM - @trutherbot: http://t.co/C8q3SidT9h
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/B5ZIkYuCIAE_Se0.jpg ]

9:32 AM - @DayliKawn i never get enough of ur accent. I especially like it when i don't have a clue what ur sayin.

9:35 AM - @CuteEmergency: I'll never be able to unsee this http://t.co/zn9vLulGdI
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/B5ZGSe1IgAA8zo-.jpg ]

9:42 AM - @CuteOverloads: when you mean to type ?okay? but you accidentally type ?olay? http://t.co/AX32QZhspC
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/B5ZKofwIcAAnFIF.png ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 12-28-2014

6:54 PM - My computer still has my password for twitter in keychain memory, so looks like I'll only be tweeting via laptop.

6:55 PM - So? my effin computer. And TW ;connection. After the last 20 mninutes, I finally got the Internet to work. WTF?! #theinternettowork.wtf?!

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