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Tue, Oct. 6th, 2015 | 06:34 pm  slavezombie

Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for September 2015

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-1-2015

1:53 PM - reading list http://t.co/KefSUkcn9W
[ http://ift.tt/1fTz5la ]

9:42 PM - "Hens in a row" by bierdestone http://t.co/LK3ofbXpJN
[ http://bierdestone.deviantart.com/art/Hens-in-a-row-557739710 ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-2-2015

11:32 PM - I rly dunno what I'm doin when i tell myself 2sit down n write. That goes 4 tweeting 2. 4get bout music.i don't need cops knockin at my door

From Twitter, Thursday, 9-3-2015

7:55 AM - Fargo on FX http://t.co/2OyyzA1Txo
[ http://ift.tt/1CZml7B ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-5-2015

6:21 PM - My tweet w-list consists of funny peeps who can make me laugh. But today's events at work hands down won realism. Fucking aerosol inhalers..

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-8-2015

10:41 PM - I'm only going to say this once: melancholia and mango with lemon juice

10:55 PM - @MAlexJohnson: Yes, John McAfee really is running for president. Announcement set for Wednesday. http://t.co/Rr1dhqZdsf http://t.co/fBdUfqg7gE
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CObfvjdUkAAOdbC.jpg ]
[ http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/ex-fugitive-anti-virus-creator-john-mcafee-running-president-n423881 ]

From Twitter, Friday, 9-11-2015

8:12 PM - tom araya, frontman for SLAYER, speaks out http://t.co/AbfzASafI3
[ http://ift.tt/1QtQxdm ]

11:20 PM - When the dolphins are watching us swim at the beach THAT closely,as closely as deterring a collisionbetween surfers, then i dont feel so bad

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-15-2015

11:02 AM - My state of the art, hightek phone rlly helps get m'life orgnized. It's a 2nd brain, an added arm, I keep it with me 24/7 Radiation b damned

6:51 PM - Lighting tech MIA https://t.co/w4PnG859bG
[ https://instagram.com/p/7rHdunxp1S2l0ezoTrfGZj3m1bam-NL3f0EhE0/ ]

6:55 PM - Feeding part deux https://t.co/2C37curXhp
[ https://instagram.com/p/7rH1YeRp2ELE2vjywrUiMiS7KArHKg3BdBUxU0/ ]

7:41 PM - Me camera... Me camera.~ It goes into Esthetic mode while screen is in landscape mode. Ooooh. Who knew? http://t.co/5EyWJvo2FQ
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CO_eicEUEAA2vpb.jpg ]

8:41 PM - I collected 15gallonz of h20. Thatz not incl the buckets left outzide..

10:31 PM - Great idea. Why dint i think of it. Thanks guys, fir suggesting them. http://t.co/ymGGTZmIER
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CPAFZhYU8AA3eUG.jpg ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 9-17-2015

10:00 AM - Suddenly realizing my ph dwngrade not only has app limitations, but all the viners I follow are also on hiatus

10:09 AM - How weird. Just discovered that my sunglasses dim my phone screen when viewing in landscape mode

6:25 PM - http://t.co/pXGXZ5A9jJ
[ http://ift.tt/1KpC8cR ]

From Twitter, Friday, 9-18-2015

9:54 PM - Shut up carton of milk

From Twitter, Monday, 9-21-2015

8:01 AM - Lighting tech MIA https://t.co/5OGACjr0jl
[ https://instagram.com/p/75ZwcnRp8k91Ow5EPixsY9acj27102fIZHc2c0/ ]

11:30 PM - When did Ford commercials start being so hypnotic?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-22-2015

12:32 PM - Johnny's Shrimp Boat on #Yelp: Hamburger patty & shrimp http://t.co/L9fKtOPCfq
[ http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/johnnys-shrimp-boat-los-angeles-2?pt=biz_photo&ref=twitter&select=KvE-4k92JmFmcdt5QvUl3w ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-23-2015

12:01 PM - Jes wanna say Apple failed me, in case nebody asks. I'm sure it's hap'd 2 others: hard drive crashes and ipod can't sych anymore. G'bye mp3s

11:00 PM - If i go to the petco in beverly hills, will i see the aquarium i want to know buy?

11:21 PM - If i wanted to b valiant, surely such things as persecution, being chastised, ridiculed, treated simple, and called the cops on would occur.

11:25 PM - If u mean what u say, isn't what u say what u mean to say, and if no, then lies?

From Twitter, Friday, 9-25-2015

10:22 AM - While there's lots of hype over how many more commercials KLOS plays, isn't it the same or worse when the #sound plays a song by the Police?

8:50 PM - Anyone ever notice the way cooking oil creeps and seeps its way out of ceramicware?

From Twitter, Saturday, 9-26-2015

5:52 PM - Lighting a little better https://t.co/AxLLkRIJ7U
[ https://instagram.com/p/8HVXqZxpyYEMBRjHNqiI5WA8Km4Y-gPd2Rioo0/ ]

From Twitter, Monday, 9-28-2015

8:26 AM - My life is so fucked up, I'm still waiting for the after effects of the blood moon when end-of-times is the only thing playing on primetime.

1:27 PM - Spirit of Jeff Hanneman hovers over Slayer's new 'Repentless' album http://t.co/fEXM8bZjyH
Reads like a State of the Union
[ http://fw.to/Ag0FpQf ]

7:12 PM - @Slayer: Harry Sword talks to Tom Araya of Slayer about a life of trains, planes, automobiles and extreme aggression. The... http://t.co/zZJa4QqCYY
[ http://fb.me/7riJVNRtL ]

7:28 PM - @Slayer: The Irish Times interview with Kerry! http://t.co/7f8R8AE1Wt
[ http://fb.me/2uM5Nf9pk ]

From Twitter, Tuesday, 9-29-2015

10:09 AM - You know how frogs eat flies... can flicking flies dead qualify as a prospective frog/prince awaiting a kiss by a beautiful lady?

10:33 PM - I think its so dumb how ppl on twittr find that they need to say things n a cute moronic manner. It makes me laugh and want to hug em 2 deth

From Twitter, Wednesday, 9-30-2015

9:00 PM - Alright, so was i talking to ur pussy or your face that last time?

10:33 PM - I don't care how good a doctor u have, you'll never look like what I've envisioned a queen should look like.

10:37 PM - My sperm won't ever exist in a realm of cowardness. I would rather they evacuate, leaving me to fend for myself on that all important date.

10:55 PM - Cd compilation @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/HMF3wGhxru
[ https://instagram.com/p/8SLQq-xpx7wLzIhbyTPycBnU0rzjC3uO8-N7s0/ ]

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