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Tue, Mar. 1st, 2016 | 04:00 am  slavezombie

Twit2LJ Monthly Digest for February 2016

From Twitter, Monday, 2-1-2016

5:10 PM - @slavezombie: Today we start treating acct. balances using amnesty protocol. It means free money #iamnotacommunist

5:13 PM - @slavezombie: What ever happened to haggling candidates for their financial statements?

5:23 PM - @slavezombie: If providing free health care is communistic, when pol. commentators bag on Sanders, is it ok to bring up topic: "airplanes made of butter"?

From Twitter, Tuesday, 2-2-2016

11:05 AM - @slavezombie: I was looking forward to seeing who wins between Clinton and Trump. Unless New Hampshire elects Trump, my write-in is gonna be Peewee Herman

12:43 PM - @slavezombie: #LuciferIsHere https://t.co/JI4zXoTKPB
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CaPLMmfUcAAGCBs.jpg ]

From Twitter, Wednesday, 2-3-2016

4:59 PM - @slavezombie: Hello ducks (@ Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles, CA) https://t.co/NmHTjchKGT https://t.co/73kBlHSHCj
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CaVPYWhWYAA9084.jpg ]
[ https://www.swarmapp.com/c/eyOpaKq76x3 ]

5:16 PM - @slavezombie: ?? Heavy metal never came back after the 90?s. Then Bush happened. Obamacare did a number on talented... https://t.co/Tak6DflOhp
[ http://tmblr.co/ZzPwYw217VbQ3 ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 2-6-2016

2:41 PM - @slavezombie: @LauraJSilverman conversing is overrated. It's the thin line between txting and sexting which makes eye contact taboo.

From Twitter, Sunday, 2-7-2016

3:31 AM - @slavezombie: y I hate being awake at 3am. As I try to get bk 2sleep, review my day thinking horrible thoughts bout bitch customers when wall makes noises

3:34 AM - @slavezombie: It's like God can hear my evil thots &makes the drywall in my bedrm, just where my head lies, creek w/ pings and knocks. A knock knock joke

3:37 AM - @slavezombie: ... then, as I type into my phone, another tablet sounds an alert that I have incoming something(social media subscr, email, etc.) Who knows

3:40 AM - @slavezombie: I'm 1 to b bitching. This is probably the perfect time of night 2 make click clackety noises myself on my vintage typewriter. Wake up bitch!

3:46 AM - @slavezombie: https://t.co/2o5VnxCywJ
[ http://flip.it/rxvDZ ]

From Twitter, Friday, 2-12-2016

3:50 AM - @slavezombie: I just had a dream about eating a laced cupcake that tastedlike an old fashioned donut. I woke up before it kicked in.

From Twitter, Saturday, 2-13-2016

11:50 AM - @slavezombie: a dancer AND comedian @mielmonster ???? #whip #naenae #hotsauceinmybag #swag #demdebate (Vine by @AstrosWanted) https://t.co/yNS7s2HdgO
[ https://vine.co/v/ineUM7EalZn ]

1:21 PM - @slavezombie: This puts in perspective all the funny Vines I subscribe to in order to put a smile on my face. https://t.co/zft8ivZdtz
[ https://twitter.com/rabihalameddine/status/698348778391105536 ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 2-14-2016

4:08 AM - @slavezombie: looks simple enough https://t.co/ScRttS5Ccz
[ http://ift.tt/1PwF3WM ]

From Twitter, Saturday, 2-20-2016

11:51 AM - @slavezombie: I keep thinking i have hazel eyes and one day i'll catch a glimpse of what they're like in green https://t.co/tPRGvStRqu
[ https://vine.co/v/irh63Y1wIhJ ]

From Twitter, Sunday, 2-21-2016

3:31 AM - @slavezombie: ?? Everyone needs a break???? https://t.co/Bn6TKyn0mZ
[ http://tmblr.co/ZzPwYw227pew- ]

4:06 AM - @slavezombie: Why can't all single women be as funny as the Viners I subscribe to?

10:09 AM - @slavezombie: I dunno if my eyes could tolerate 4 yrs of the Hill on my TV when the alternative could be sporadic interviews of Trump's first lady

7:15 PM - @slavezombie: Umberto Eco in quotes ? 10 of the best

[ http://flip.it/jc1fk ]

From Twitter, Monday, 2-22-2016

8:15 AM - @slavezombie: Rule of thumb https://t.co/O08YuscMfw
[ http://tmblr.co/ZzPwYw22CMYBS ]

8:17 AM - @slavezombie: Sesame street uncensored https://t.co/hYS1jVnCi6
[ http://tmblr.co/ZzPwYw22CMw42 ]

4:16 PM - @slavezombie: No means no. (Vine by @jakemoreno) https://t.co/jpehInWdd9
[ https://vine.co/v/irFHnX1LXlP ]

10:28 PM - @slavezombie: Cant believe i piad real $, even f it was only $1.25, 4 this typewriter app. My gullibilty w/ dating apps is worse. https://t.co/Gzo1rzYXm3
[ http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cb4Q0EzUYAAz6vM.jpg ]

From Twitter, Thursday, 2-25-2016

3:03 AM - @slavezombie: #Witching hour

I've waking up in the middle of the night on a regular basis


From Twitter, Sunday, 2-28-2016

9:27 PM - @slavezombie: @laina622 me too. Still trying to figure out if #Sicario won anything

From Twitter, Monday, 2-29-2016

6:20 PM - @slavezombie: @laina622 i still cant bring myself to concentrate on the game at sports bars. im stuck w/ whatever aires on NBC, CBS, FOX or KTTV

9:42 PM - @slavezombie: @audipenny @MarloMeekins hells bells, just when i thot drama could be surfacing. If i knew you at all, id get on my knees to beg that its me

10:21 PM - @slavezombie: Is it normal when fullmetaljackie asks me to call her or sign up for some sorta giveaway on KLOS that I visualize her giving me head?

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