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What would Jeff Hanneman do?

in sept. 1991, shortly after the end…What Would Hunter S. Thompson Do?monologue from a youtube video published 11/5/12from "911-conspiracy finally solved" youtube videoI typed the dialog/monolog of this video because it contained so much information which made it impossible to absorb long enough to reflectThe audio was transferred to magnetic cassette which I then used to transcribe using a vintage stereo componentI was inspired to do this because of two reasons. HST was working on a similar project before he died, and one of his techniques of writing was to use copy from already published authors he admired.This project was supposed to contain hyperlinks to key names of people and corporations directly affected by the cataclysm, but I still have to work out the kinks involved with different computer platforms which seem to repel data from each other.The transcribing alone took me weeks. During that time, I was hospitalized for an appendectomy.I could only transcribe a few pages at a time because I hand printed (cursive) the dialog from the audio I recorded on tape. Then, when I accumulated 4 to 5 pages of handwritten text, would I start typing it up.After working on it for a few hours, my hand felt as if it was going to fall off. During the time spent relaxing my wrist, bouts of reflection on the horrible incident would turn into depression as I began to wonder how these conspiracy theories would be used in history books.I intend to fix the typos by retyping the effected pages and replacing them for the errata pages.I feel this video helps to understand just what people are talking about this election year when they use the term 'political revolution'.It is a scary thing to think about when one thinks of the possibilities that might have transpired during that black Tuesday morning, and my vivid imagination takes me on a hell of a ride.I don't have an opinion about whether the allegations are accurate. I find myself thinking of the Christian Slater movie "An American Psycho" and how horrible business-minded executives can be to deserve such a demise.For now, my views are that the video footage of the airplanes penetrating the twin towers were all fabricated using digital technology.
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