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Mon, Feb. 19th, 2007 | 03:57 pm  ‏‏␦ disoriented slavezombie

small favors
Last week I swapped work schedules with a co-worker who didn't want to work the weekend. The boss asked her whether I would be willing to work her weekend and that, if I was fine with it, it would be doable. I say yes and just before the end of the day Wednesday, Silvia comes up to me and says "This is the weekend when you said you'd be willing to switch with me!" and I reply "Yeah, I know." and she points to the work schedule and shows me that the change wasn't made. I show her my schedule and show her that I'm going to show up to work that Saturday.
    Silvia goes to the boss to clarify the mix up. The boss then asks me whether I'm ok to work Friday instead of Saturday this coming week. I say why? because I thought I was switching with my co-worker for this weekend, not next weekend. The boss says, "Yeah right. I'm just adjusting the schedule so everything's fair". i.e. I just can't show up to work in place of another co-worker without screwing up any plans I might've already made for other "off" days. It's this kind of fairnesss that really makes me furl. Why then ask the needy employee to seek approval if the boss is going to alter other dates too? Silvia only asked me if I was willing to switch one Saturday, then here comes the boss to alter my work schedule for the following week too (not that I have anything important to do). It's the principle I'm concerned with here. All fairness aside. The question then should probably have been this "Hey grouchy guy, are you willing to switch Saturdays with me this week? I'll work one of your Saturdays if you do." But I didn't hear a proposition, all I heard was "Do me a favor."

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...my own true Hollywood story....


from: annamaryse
date: Mon, Feb. 19, 2007 09:42 pm (UTC)

Oh man I hate small-minded bosses like that who get hung up on the power of creating schedules...

I had a boss like that. He knew I had a second job, and he used to intentionally schedule me so that I could never get two full days off from both jobs. There was no reason at all why he couldn't give me the right days off, he did it intentionally to powertrip me because in his mind, it was wrong of me (like it made me some kind of traitor to have a second job) so he was punishing me.

He would gloat over it when I'd check the schedule and frown. The principle should sit and spin. I feel your chagrin.

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