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Mon, Feb. 19th, 2007 | 09:14 pm   Ana Brito's so called voice - Organic Beauty Radio slavezombie

Spao Apothekaria
Here I am listening to this thing (again), freaking out. I don't mind so much being called obsessive to the point of psychotic, but I'm curious if anybody can link to this podcast interview of Ana Brito and tell me if it's a quicktime video that I'm NOT able to watch because of an outdated version of quicktime media player. I might consider upgrading if anybody can tell me that the interview includes video footage.
    Ironically enough, earlier I blew a fuse by having the heater on in the bathroom, the heater on under my desk, and a few lights on so that, when I walk outside to turn the circuit breaker back on, I step in my favorite dog's poop. Of course, I don't know I step in poop until I do some work and I begin to smell something. As I back track my steps to clean up my footsteps, I return back to the computer, visit
which I think is a bogus company, and find that it's been updated to include the podcast interview. Ana sounds like my old friend Patty, though.
    Okay, back to work. "oh, drag, man."

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