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There is an AOR CD I like pretending to be Alternative

I like AOR, but I'm looking at my iTunes playlist and the details of this CD, You are the quarry by Morrissey, lists it as alternative. This music grows on you the more you listen to it, and each song seems to have lyrics containing bits and pieces of key points characterizing my own tribulations. The overall CD as a whole seems to revolve around the life of a lonely man unable to surpass the jilting of a long lost love. I don't know why, but I envision somebody like DaVinci in his old age lugging around a masterpiece everywhere he goes entitled The Mona Lisa.

What I mean is this "people never forget their first love". It would be quite a discovery if the infamous painting of Mona Lisa was attributed to Leonardo's first love because it might answer questions about why she seems so straight faced and why she has no eyebrows. I for one can't remember what my first love looked like without referring to her photograph from high school. Since I've never seen her since then, I wouldn't have the faintest idea what she looks like now. Naturally, if DaVinci was painting his first love, she wouldn't have aged if he too hadn't seen her in years.

So here, in a nutshell, is how I interpret the lyrics for the first track of You are the quarry.

America Is Not The World
America your head's too big, Because America, Your belly's too big/ And I love you, I just wish you'd stay where you is/ ¶ In America, The land of the free, they said, And of opportunity, In a just and a truthful way/ But where the president, Is never black, female or gay, And until that day/ You've got nothing to say to me, To help me believe/ ¶ In America, It brought you the hamburger, Well America you know where, You can shove your hamburger/ And don't you wonder, Why in Estonia they say, Hey you, Big fat pig/ You fat pig, You fat pig/ ¶ Steely Blue eyes with no love in them, Scan The World,/ And a humourless smile, With no warmth within, Greets the world/ And I, I have got nothing, To offer you/ No-no-no-no-no/ Just this heart deep and true, Which you say you don't need/ ¶ See with your eyes, Touch with your hands, please, Hear through your ears, Know in your soul, please/ For haven't you me with you now?/ And I love you, I love you, I love you, And I love you, I love you, I love you

One of the places I have to cherish in memory is ALL American Burger which may or may not still be around. I saw one last in West Hollywood by Kinko`s along Sunset Blvd. It was here that my first love and I shared a table and she taught me how to eat french fries. It's all in the fingers when dipping each fry into a blob of ketchup.

The third stanza is key because it is here that the use of the word America may or may not refer to American Burger IMO. Then there's the idea that my first love must've made a successful life for herself where I'm still struggling to make ends meet in "And I, I have got nothing, To offer you". The bitterness of this song against "America" can probably result from the one sided love coming from DaVinci for his Mona Lisa, dead to the world, as far as he knows.

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