In response to your questions, as if, on the subject of 'where's the scenes now?'

It might appear that I've gone off my rocker (again).   Apologies.  I don't mean to do this.  The notes I take during the broadcast of the radio show "The Kingdom of Nye"  are personal.  I sometimes upload media files without intent of breaking any music laws.

This is boring, I agree.

I listen to The Kingdom of Nye because it reminds me of my childhood.  It reminds me of growing up amidst friends in a public setting like LAUSD.  It reminds me of where I met my soulmate.

Sometimes people are published thru all of their hard work in creating a social media presence.  That is not the case with me.  Let me explain.  My notes are so convoluted, I don't know where to begin to censor portions of my story that reveal too much (in the area of identity).  Never would I scheme ways to expose the people I grew up with for the immoral decisions we make as adolescents.  

One day, on my way to a SLAYER concert. a fan made a comment to me.  "You never go back to your ex-girlfriend."  I don't know whether to take his opinions to heart or what.  So, here I find myself, responding to the stranger I had met while weaving thru the parked tailgaters in the parking lot searching for tickets.  Why wouldn't you go back to an ex-girlfriend?  In this day in age of fast living/driving.  Flying.  Who wouldn't want to get in touch with the emotions that were taboo back in the day.  The desires.  I will get thru.  It is only a matter of understanding how my microphone works, and apparently, where to plug in my earphone.


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