Bier de Stone (slavezombie) wrote,
Bier de Stone

on programming. And is there a quick fix for my double-spacing after a period habit?

I thought I might let my readers know that I'm currently learning programming with MySQL.  Better late than never.  I understand that everybody and their grandma has probably already gotten on the bandwagon and applied this technology to their own blog/website.  Well, I don't know why I waited so long to apply myself, but this stuff is fascinating.

So, probably goes without saying that this little blog of mine might be changing a bit.  I've always wanted to try out the S1 stylesheets, but I've heard that the S2 stylesheets are by far more sophisticated.  Since I am learning this stuff on my own, thru lynda dot com, I think it would be beneficial to switch back and forth for the sake of learning.  I can't wait until I build enough confidence to know what I'm doing to make the switch.  Who knows?  I might even decide to tweak the S2 stylesheets, or even select one of the more colorful lj stylesheets that will not intimidate me by it's programming language set-up.

I'm not completely familiar with the behind–the–scenes workings of lj communities, and what I'd truly want to tweak is #tmtwngm community I put together, which I might ad none of my followers have sought out to contribute.  'Tis beyond me how there could be so many interest groups on the subject of screenwriting that regurgitate the same scope of questions and tips, but I have yet to find a good one that prompts its members to contribute with hands–on content, either formatted in fountain, or the old fashioned way: hard copy scans uploaded as image files.

picture 1
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